About Us

Our Values

SAAS is a business with strong values. People with fire protection needs should expect no less and we guarantee that all times we will:

  1. Do the right thing, ethically and professionally
  2. Deliver consistently high-quality work emphasising technical excellence
  3. Respond to our clients’ needs promptly
  4. Focus on meeting our clients’ challenges with practical and effective solutions
  5. Be accountable for our performance – individually and as a team
  6. Create the right balance between our personal and professional lives
  7. Maintain our growth and professional independence
  8. Always strive for industry leadership and our own improvement.

SAAS is subject to regular audits and independent external performance reviews. We learn from these, tell our customers what we’ve learned, and implement our knowledge in a process of continuous improvement. We demonstrate our aspiration to be the best by doing – and by earning your trust.

 All Backed by

Outstanding people – experts with decades of experience in keeping people safe and secure from the threat of fire while providing best value to customers. Experienced licensed electricians, sprinkler fitters and plumbers perform all SAAS Fire installations.